Broken Things

“God uses broken things. It takes broken soil to produce a crop, broken clouds to give rain, broken grain to give bread, broken bread to give strength. It is the broken alabaster box that gives forth perfume. It is Peter, weeping bitterly, who returns to greater power than ever.”
― Vance Havner

Broccoli Rabe Pasta

broccoli rabe pasta

Last night’s broccoli rabe pasta turned out fantastic. I have never really eaten broccoli rabe before and I wasn’t sure how it would work as the substitute for spinach in this dish, but it did the trick.  Broccoli rabe a bit more bitter than spinach but I like the addition of the little “trees” that give it a bit more texture. I also added some sliced zucchini and yellow squash since I was really trying to make it mostly vegetables with less pasta as I am (constantly) working to cut down on the whole grains. Doing great with no or little oil, no meat, no dairy, but the whole grains are my weakness for sure!

I ended up using some No Sodium Organic Trader Joe’s Marinara with this due to lack of prep time but now I see on Fooducate that there is quite a bit of sugar per serving (10 grams) though the app did give a score of A-. In the future, I will just use fresh tomatoes with some Italian seasonings and lemon juice. Happy Friday!~ Amanda Rae

Kale, Kale, and More Kale – Greens Prep

week prep

My kitchen counter during my weekly greens prep looks a little something like this. Towels everywhere, water everywhere, greens everywhere. I would say it takes about a good hour to wash everything, dry, chop, and bag. However, it does make for an … [Continue reading]

Kabuli Pizza Crust – The Best Veggie Pizza So Far


I found and tried a Kabuli pizza crust after reading about it on the Engine 2 Diet website. It was listed as one of the "allowable foods" for that plan which stresses "plant strong" foods. The Kabuli crusts were hidden in the frozen section of … [Continue reading]

The Longest Five Pounds


Have we talked plateaus yet? Let's get started, shall we? Good news first. I am happy to report that I reached my next five pound mark and hit 60 pounds total and 263.4! Yay! Bad news...seems like it took FOREVER to do it. That's ok. I am happy about … [Continue reading]

Rock and Roll-y Guacamole Wrap


I crack myself up..Rock and Roll-y.  Here is the breakfast I made for today- a fresh, gorgeous, healthy, satisfying guacamole wrap. On some days, I just want simple without a lot of fuss. I have major projects and assignments due today and more on … [Continue reading]

Tofu, Rice, and Spinach. Breakfast?

tofu rice

Tofu, rice, spinach, mushrooms, and onions for breakfast? Absolutely! This is a huge difference from my former typical diet of fast food sausage, cheese, eggs, biscuits, and hash browns. Usually topped off with a cinnamon roll of some sort! After … [Continue reading]

Dr. McDougall’s Vegan Split Pea Soup Review


I decided to try Dr. McDougall's vegan split pea soup as a potential pantry back up for when I don't have the time or the energy to cook.  I also need something I can keep in my desk drawer. There are several flavors but I was feeling adventurous and … [Continue reading]

Time to Grill Vegetable Kabobs

veg skewer

You know summer is upon us when we start to whip out the wooden skewer sticks. It is time to grill vegetable kabobs! Open the farmer's markets, fire up the grill, get to chopping and welcome the warm weather with fire-kissed veggies! Very much a … [Continue reading]

Update! I Can Hardly Believe It


Good news! I am now down 55 pounds total to 268.4. Yay! More than that, I had two meals today that I did not want to  finish. What?!?! Who changed the great Earth to planet CrazyTown because this is definitely crazy. Ok so I have been working to … [Continue reading]