3 Month Results – Before and After Weight Loss

I started this whole journey on January 15, 2013. Being that it is tax day and also my 3 month mark, I have decided to post a few before and after pictures and my weight chart. I am so thrilled with my results, more than just the numbers (which are great) but with how great I feel. I have never before felt so whole and untroubled by my weight or what I put in my mouth. Truly liberating!


So for three months, it ends up being about 52 pounds and some change. Today is the first day that it is going to hit 80 degrees I think so, I am going to start adding in some exercise. As of yet, I have done NO exercise at all. One thing at a time.



April 18, 2013
Current weight: 271
Weight lost: 52.4 pounds


  1. Wow Stephanie I am truly impressed! You answered my post on fb and I am just checking out your recipes and boy have you done amazingly well with the weightloss! Are you having any gut issues at all?

    Well done!

    • Amanda Rae says:

      Thank you! I am not having any digestive issues at all. In fact, I have not had a stomach ache in 99 days! I am fortunate that I don’t have any problems with beans. I hear a lot of people have to do the Bean-o for a while until their bodies get used to the changes.


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