Broccoli Rabe Pasta

broccoli rabe pasta

Last night’s broccoli rabe pasta turned out fantastic. I have never really eaten broccoli rabe before and I wasn’t sure how it would work as the substitute for spinach in this dish, but it did the trick.  Broccoli rabe a bit more bitter than spinach but I like the addition of the little “trees” that give it a bit more texture. I also added some sliced zucchini and yellow squash since I was really trying to make it mostly vegetables with less pasta as I am (constantly) working to cut down on the whole grains. Doing great with no or little oil, no meat, no dairy, but the whole grains are my weakness for sure!

I ended up using some No Sodium Organic Trader Joe’s Marinara with this due to lack of prep time but now I see on Fooducate that there is quite a bit of sugar per serving (10 grams) though the app did give a score of A-. In the future, I will just use fresh tomatoes with some Italian seasonings and lemon juice. Happy Friday!~ Amanda Rae

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