Diabetes and Your Eyes – One Reason to Eat Smart

File this under “Things You Should Know.”

About 6 months ago, I started to work as an assistant for an eye doctor on the weekends. As a PhD student, I still find I need to pay the bills. I thought I could use a bit of my health background in helping patients to fit their contacts, explaining the importance of hygiene, and telling them how to keep from getting a stye.

Part of my duties is taking patient medical histories and then performing the various pre-exam tests such as color perception, depth perception, vision test, etc. But it also included retinal photos and checking intraocular pressure (Yes, the dreader “poofer” machine!)

It did not take long for me to realize how important my background was going to be in this role. Soon I was seeing many patients each day and gathering very lengthy medical histories to includes lists of diseases, surgeries, and medications. Specifically with our diabetic patients, we had to make sure we were being very thorough.

Below is a retinal photo of a normal eye.

normal eye

Pretty isn’t it? You can see it looks clear with healthy blood vessels branching out from the optic nerve and feeding oxygen to all of the parts of the eye. The dark part in the middle is the macula. [Read more…]