Whole Foods Salad Bar – Dinner on the Run


A little something I picked up for dinner one night at the Whole Foods salad bar. I looked for options that had the “health starts here” label. These were plant-based and nutrient dense foods.

Whole Foods provides all of the ingredients on each dish which is great because there were a few I had to pass on due to oils. I try to swerve away from all oils right now, even the “healthy” ones like olive, sunflower, etc.

This meal was great though. Fresh, lots of flavor, bursts of cilantro and mint, colorful and very satisfying! It is also fun to eat at Whole Foods – everyone around you is eating healthy and shopping for unique foods.

I love to look in people’s carts there! So refreshing to not see Dorito’s, Coke, and fattening chips everywhere. [Read more…]