Eat to Live 6 Week Plan

Eat to live

Today is my first day back on the Eat to Live 6 week plan by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Many of you know that I have already succesfully completed the 6 week plan once, well now on to round 2!

So why am I doing it again? Well…I have a lot more weight to lose. That is the simple answer. In fact, I am thinking I should have never stopped the 6 week plan, but I got a little off track. Not in a “drive my big butt through the McD’s drive-thru” kind of off track, but just a little swerving around on veggie lane.

You see…I started to hear about this Dr. McDougall  and how on his weight loss program, you could eat many more grains than what is allowed with Eat to Live. Other than that, Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. McDougall share many of the same food ideas – plant-based diets are best, no animal proteins, low fat, low sodium. But this one difference, MORE WHOLE GRAINS, was very appealing to me.

The trade off is less fruit and I was feeling a little “over” all of the fruit I had been eating. So I started to have a whole grain with just about every meal. I have still been losing weight, though not as quickly, and I noticed something else too. I stopped having any kind of feelings of hunger. No rumblings in my tummy, no feeling of a hollow belly down there. Instead, I have been feeling like I am pretty satisfied and full all of the time.

Now for most people this is a good thing. Still losing weight, not feeling hungry. But there was something special about the 6 week plan when I did it the first time. It wasn’t difficult, and that empty feeling in my stomach? Well…I sort of liked it. It was such a NEW feeling that I felt like I was learning things about myself and my body that I didn’t know before. Like the fact that I would not completely drop dead if I had to skip a meal because there was nothing there I could eat. Or the idea that I could actually go to bed, and fall asleep, hungry (gasp)!

I do like the Dr. McDougall plan as I love whole grains like corn tortillas, brown rice, quinoa and 100% whole wheat pasta, but…I like losing weight faster better than any of those things. Like I said, I have continued to lose weight with these extra servings of whole grains each day, but I am ready to get back to the 6 week plan to see what other new things I might discover this time around. Already I am finding some new, interesting spices and recipes to try, along with some veggies I have never heard of before. This is the part of the journey I like, so I am ready for another food adventure.

After this 6 weeks, I may “McDougall-it” for a few weeks and then do the 6 weeks again. OR I may just continue with the 6 weeks plan until I am at my goal weight. Planning is important but some flexibility is important too. You have to find what is going to work for you during different phases. You will definitely not feel the same every day, every week, or every month throughout your journey.

Here is what I ate on day 1:

Oatmeal vegan cookie (Small one)

Leftover whole grain pasta (very small serving) with asparagus, tomatoes, spinach
Brussel sprouts (steamables in the bag)
Oatmeal vegan cookie (Small one)

Big bowl of salad with low sugar, low fat salad dressing
Beans and turnip greens, tomatoes, onions, garlic
Strawberries, pineapple, banana

So I did have a whole grain for breakfast (oatmeal cookie) and another at lunch, but they were very small so not stressing. All together with the pasta, looks like about one and a half servings of whole grains. Ok, I will take it. One thing you will learn about my ETL journey is that I was not perfect the first time around and I will not be the second time around. It is about good effort, not perfection!

By the way, this is also how I write down what I eat each day in my journal. I don’t write “1 cup of this” or ”4 ounces of that.” Drives me nuts to do it that way. With this method, I can keep track and not go insane over the exact amounts. Also, when you know what you are eating is nutritious and “allowed” you don’t have to go all OCD on tracking.

So leave a comment if you are doing ETL too! I would love to hear about your successes and challenges as we go through it together. Or if you have any questions about starting, feel free to contact me. If you follow any of the links to Amazon and buy the Eat to Live book, this blog will receive a commission which helps to support its activities. Or you can buy the book from your local Barnes & Noble which usually has many copies. Eat to Live!~Amanda Rae



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