How to Start Your Weight Loss Journey


The way to start your weight loss journey is with a trash bag and a few hours to kill. Above you can see some of the things I threw away on January 14, 2013, the day before I started my Eat to Live with Dr. Joel Fuhrman program. Now I know some of you are looking at that picture and you are thinking “What’s wrong with sugar free jello?” Well…lots of things it turns out, with the first being artificial sweetener. Everything else is salt, sugar, and fat. Salt in soy sauce, pancake syrup, butter you can spray that has no calories!” Who was I kidding?

It WAS difficult to throw so much food away. There were other bags that went to a food pantry and some I gave to my dad, but it is hard to throw away hard earned money. But I knew it was important. I knew I couldn’t have the tempations and I had to create space for success. For those of you who have family members who aren’t going to be eating the same as you, I have one shelf in the pantry (the top one so it is harder for me to reach) where there are a few “snacks” for my boyfriend. Other than that, it is a healthy eating zone for me. Maybe your kids can have their own mini-fridge somewhere? Can your hubby keep some of his snacks at work instead of at home? You will find that they will start to eat more like you when they see the great results!

I cleared out my kitchen and made room for the staples of my new diet:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • low sodium vegetable stock
  • brown rice, quinoa
  • oats
  • 100% whole grain pasta
  • cans of low sodium or no sodium beans and tomatoes
  • frozen vegetables for quick dinners
  • fresh salsa
  • bottles and bottles of water (I am working on changing this…too much plastic!)

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