Kabuli Pizza Crust – The Best Veggie Pizza So Far


I found and tried a Kabuli pizza crust after reading about it on the Engine 2 Diet website. It was listed as one of the “allowable foods” for that plan which stresses “plant strong” foods.

The Kabuli crusts were hidden in the frozen section of Whole Foods (about 45 minutes away) but when I went to another location today (about 30 minutes away) they didn’t have them. So, apparently not every WF carries them.

I did see where you could order 16 crusts for $49 plus shipping from their website (UPDATE: I can’t find Kabuli anywhere anymore! After some research, trying this soon! Will let you know how it compares!) which is a good deal considering I paid $5.67 I think for just one? Warning…pizza crust is amazing, website is horrible, but it looks like they have decent customer service via phone.

I used Dei Fratelli pizza sauce which I found at Publix and tasted really delish. Next time I will use less sauce because 1) I thought a pizza without cheese “needed” more sauce. Not true. 2) There are 4g of sugar per serving in this sauce. Tastes great, but too much sugar. I think I will cut this sauce in half next time with some no salt added tomatoes. Since I was making the pizza for more than just myself, I had to be a little bit flexible.

I topped the pizza with basil from my happy basil plant (which is just temporary until the basil my mom planted grows a bit more) also from WF for $2.49.


Then I added green peppers, onions, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and sundried tomatoes (no oil). It was so Yummy! Having a pizza like this really makes you rethink the Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s I used to get. This had no grease, no added fat, and lots of veggie power.

Hopefully I will find this Kabuli crust again when I go to the far away WF. I will post the nutritional info when I get the next crust as I already threw the wrapper away! Enjoy! ~Amanda Rae



  1. Your link to the source for kabula pizza crust doesn’t work “Internal Error” message.
    I would appreciate the info, if you don’t mind sharing.
    Thank you : )

  2. What website did you find the Kabuli pizza crust at? Our local Whole Foods does not carry it!

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