Kale, Kale, and More Kale – Greens Prep

week prep

My kitchen counter during my weekly greens prep looks a little something like this. Towels everywhere, water everywhere, greens everywhere. I would say it takes about a good hour to wash everything, dry, chop, and bag. However, it does make for an easier week.

The flashlight? I live in a tornado-prone area so that is always handy. Vega One? New all veggie protein powder which I love. Got that last week at my local nutrition store. Great to add to smoothies but also to bowls of oatmeal with fruit. What else is in there….a 99 cent pineapple from Aldi, plenty of bananas, a mango hiding behind the toaster, red wine vinegar, and ground peanuts from Whole Foods.

So this week I had some homemade hummus in the fridge and decided to make a kale salad with it. Put the hummus in a large bag…


Add chopped kale….

kale hummus

Massage and mix….


Now you could eat it up just like this all by itself, but of course you KNOW I had to put it on a pizza!

kale pizza 2

So good! Just make sure your hummus is nice and spicy! Have a great weekend! ~Amanda Rae


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