Kale and Romaine Salad


Salads are a staple in my diet. I try to start both lunch and dinner with some kind of salad. Salads get a bad rap sometimes as “rabbit food” and not being especially filling. I couldn’t disagree more. Yes, rabbits eat salad, but not filling? How can you not get full on this many greens?

Here is a salad full of romaine, radicchio, and kale on top all ready for my lunch right at my desk. I also added tomatoes, sliced peppers, and a few onions. The dressing (not on there yet) is Annie’s honey mustard which is one of my favorites.

I am trying to reduce the amount of oil I eat but for now Annie’s dressings are easy, vegetarian (they have honey so not vegan), and they taste soooo goooood.  These two flavors are not organic but they have a lot of organic choices too. I really love to use Gingerly too for asian cole slaw and I really want to try the BBQ sauce with rice, onions, and beans. Yum!  Annie’s fat free mango dressing is amazing for a fruit salad too!

I also use Walden Farms dressings from time to time but they have aspartame so not as much as I did a few months ago. They taste way to sweet for me now. I can tell my taste buds are definitely changing. It is the same way with caffeine. I had an unsweet iced tea the other day and was awake the entire night. That was never a problem for me before when I would drink large glasses of tea right before bed. So strange but I feel very centered now with my eating so notice even very small changes. Have a salad, get centered! ~Amanda Rae

Salad freshens without enfeebling and fortifies without irritating. Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826)


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