Meditate to Lose Weight?


Yes! Definitely! Things have been extra busy and quite stressful lately for me. I am tackling each responsibility one at a time, but when I am stressed there is definitely a stronger desire to eat unhealthy foods or to eat too many healthy foods. Meditation is very enjoyable for me and something I wish I had the luxury to do every day without guilt, but when you have so much to do it feels like selfishness to take the time and relax.

I have realized though that like exercise, taking time for your self each day is necessary to stay connected with your goals and keep focused. You have to remember what your number one goal is and that nothing else can get in the way. For me, it is losing weight and finishing my PhD.

Initially, it feels strange to meditate. You may think of the countless things you have to do instead of sitting and mediating. You may find that you can’t focus for 20 minutes, or 10 minutes, or even 5 minutes. But…if you keep doing it, something definitely changes. Here are some tips to help you get to better meditation faster than it took me!

  • Keep your meditation space as quiet as possible. I also keep mine very dark.
  • If you find your thoughts straying, have a word that will bring you back to your center. My word is so lamo (OM) but it REALLY works.
  • Focus on the spot right between your eyes and just above the bridge of your nose. I heard this in a meditation once and it definitely helps to get me to my core, my center, “deep inside my brain,” (I have called it a lot of things) quickly. When you are in that space, your thoughts become very powerful!

The photo above is a link to Dr. Dean Ornish’s meditation page where there are several options based on what you might need that day. Another great resource is the Dr. Oz show he did with Deepak Chopra regarding meditation for weight loss. Make sure you watch Part I and Part II. On iTunes or even on YouTube, there are a wide variety of guided meditations for weight loss as well. These can be great to help you get started.

If you give meditation a try and it just not for you, don’t fret. The main idea is to find relaxation and something that can help you keep focused. For you, it might be exercise, dancing, or writing. What helps you reduce stress and stay on track? Do that thing :) Namaste!~ Amanda Rae

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