My Sister’s Fat Jeans are My Skinny Jeans

So yesterday I was doing a little Spring cleaning and decided to get rid of a bunch of clothes. After going through piles and piles of faded yoga pants, old college t-shirts, and unmatched socks, I came across a box of “skinny jeans.”

My sister recently lost over 100 pounds. We used to look the same, now we don’t. But I am looking more and more like her every day (39.2 pounds closer). As she lost the weight, she would give me her jeans along with a pep talk – “You are going to need these very soon too!”

She started out giving me size 22 jeans (I was still in a 26-28). Soon she was giving me size 20, 18, 16 while I was still in the 26-28 range. Size 14, 12, and 10 went to my mom who also has recently met her goal weight. Basically, everyone around me is making it happen! It only makes sense that I be next.

So I tried on the size 22 petite jeans (I am not really short but sometimes I can swing the petites). To my shock and awe, I got them on and buttoned! WOooooOOOoo!


Then, I found her Liz Claiborne size 20 and thought “Ok, let’s see.”

I shimmied in one leg and then the other and started to feel the customary unpleasantness that is putting my calves into denim. I kept pulling up on the belt loops…up…up. Right around the thigh area I felt some tightening but then SWOOSH, up and over my plentiful booty they went! IMG_20130307_095319

AND…they buttoned…without having to lie down. AND…I could breathe. Sort of.

Would I wear either pair of these jeans in public?  No. (note how stomach becomes sexy muffin top above) But I will wear them around my house and bask in the glory of wearing my sister’s fat jeans – my skinny jeans – because I know I am heading where she is. This is a true sisterhood of some traveling pants! ~Amanda Rae

Blue jeans are the most beautiful things since the gondola – Diana Vreeland


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