Dr. McDougall’s Vegan Split Pea Soup Review


I decided to try Dr. McDougall's vegan split pea soup as a potential pantry back up for when I don't have the time or the energy to cook.  I also need something I can keep in my desk drawer. There are several flavors but I was feeling adventurous and … [Continue reading]

Time to Grill Vegetable Kabobs

veg skewer

You know summer is upon us when we start to whip out the wooden skewer sticks. It is time to grill vegetable kabobs! Open the farmer's markets, fire up the grill, get to chopping and welcome the warm weather with fire-kissed veggies! Very much a … [Continue reading]

Update! I Can Hardly Believe It


Good news! I am now down 55 pounds total to 268.4. Yay! More than that, I had two meals today that I did not want to  finish. What?!?! Who changed the great Earth to planet CrazyTown because this is definitely crazy. Ok so I have been working to … [Continue reading]

What People Eat Around the World


If I asked you to think about your weekly groceries (either for you or your family), what would the typical haul look like? Would it look something like the photo above? Would it include fresh fruits and vegetables and a variety of whole … [Continue reading]

Meditate to Lose Weight?


Yes! Definitely! Things have been extra busy and quite stressful lately for me. I am tackling each responsibility one at a time, but when I am stressed there is definitely a stronger desire to eat unhealthy foods or to eat too many healthy foods. … [Continue reading]

Hearty Black Bean Soup

bean soup

Another very simple recipe that I thought I was throwing together to just get some food in me but turned out to taste really great as well. This has just a small amount of brown rice as I am trying to reduce whole grain intake each day. Getting off … [Continue reading]

Ezekiel Wrap Pizza – Vegan Recipe


In my attempt to find more meals that I do not have to eat out of a bowl, I made this Ezekiel wrap pizza and I am hooked! I really thought it would be just so-so because I didn't have any "pizza sauce" and only had about a small teaspoon of Go Veggie … [Continue reading]

Simple Stir Fry – Earth Day Veggie Recycling!


Sometimes my collection of veggie bits and pieces starts to take over my fridge. When this happens, I whip out the wok and throw in all of the leftover, lonely veggies I can find and make this simple stir fry. Much better than having to throw things … [Continue reading]

Rooty Tofuty Breakfast Wrap Vegan Recipe

Tofu bf wrap

Having a serious breakfast party in my mouth with this tofu breakfast wrap. Soooo good! My only complaint is that it is a little messy. I would save this one for the weekends because it just takes a little bit of time to prepare. Not like my potato … [Continue reading]

Spicy Greens and Beans Vegan Recipe

greens and beans

Stalks everywhere! I almost choked on one actually when I was eating this bowl of spicy beans and greens. Now normally I would cut off all of the stalks of the greens and toss them, but in an effort to be more aware of food waste, I decided to use … [Continue reading]