Bright Broccoli Soup – Simple for Lunch, Elegant for a Dinner


This is an amazing and very simple broccoli soup recipe that is light and refreshing but also really fills you up! Sometimes I will make it for a appetizer or, as in the photo, to take to lunch the following day. It would also be a great soup to serve to guests.

When I eat it before dinner, I end up eating MUCH less after because I really do feel quite stuffed.

Bright Broccoli Soup Recipe


  • Several bunches of broccoli florets (enough to fill your blender after it is cooked)
  • Salt or seasoning

I know, easy, right???


Cook the broccoli in boiling water just until you can easily cut through the stems with a wooden spoon. Strain the broccoli allowing the water it was cooked in to strain into a large pot or bowl.

Place seasonings in the blender first. I use a little sea salt and some pepper. Place broccoli in blender next and then fill to just about halfway with the “broccoli water.” I use just a normal kitchen blender but my sister does it in small batches in her “bullet style” blender and it works just as good. Blend until the soup is very smooth and there are no lumps. Pour into your bowl and enjoy hot.


You can also add a few chopped walnuts or maybe even some diced potato with soy cheese if you like. I have also tried this basic soup recipe with fresh beets which was ok but not as good as the broccoli and a whole lot messier. Red beet stains everywhere! I love the color but not on my counter tops. Next I will be trying cauliflower and squash.

It is so simple but trust me, this soup is Good! Enjoy! ~ Amanda Rae

(About broccoli): When I showed this to Brittany, she whimpered and thought I cut down a small tree where a family of gummy people lived. – Fox’s Glee: Season 2, Episode 7 “The Substitute”

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