I’m Baaaaack – Restart. Do Over!

I finally got the courage to read this blog again. The progression of the posts is so telling. Especially this one. I didn’t know it then (or I did and wanted to ignore it) but the warning signs were definitely there. I was having a little of this “healthy” food here, a little of that there. Fully justifying each step because the foods were “on my plan.” However, not in the amounts that I was eating them. Before I knew it, I was back where I started. Confused and wondering “How did that happen? I had the PERFECT system in place! All angles covered!”

In the depths of failure, I allowed other aspects of my life to fill up my time and energy. “Out of sight, out of mind” ruled the day with my weight and the scale was sent to the back of the closet. In the back of my mind I thought I might figure it out eventually, but probably not because I had put so much effort into it THIS time and failed. What would be different when I decided to try again? THAT is the question that I have been asking for the last few weeks.

I am still, slowly, working on the answers, but things are becoming more clear with each honest assessment of what went wrong. The feeling of hopefulness is returning and I am starting to feel again like I am not only going to be ok, but I am actually going to be pretty great. This song below helps tremendously!