The Longest Five Pounds


Have we talked plateaus yet? Let’s get started, shall we? Good news first. I am happy to report that I reached my next five pound mark and hit 60 pounds total and 263.4! Yay! Bad news…seems like it took FOREVER to do it. That’s ok. I am happy about it, but definitely reworking some things to get this train moving a little faster.

Ok more good news! The jeans I am wearing in the photo are a pair that my mom got me for Christmas. I thought they were super cute (Boom Boom jeans) but I could not get them on at all! Now they are fitting perfectly and I am going to wear them basically every day until they don’t fit anymore. Ha! For those of you that see me on a regular basis, don’t judge!

No, I will probably mix it up with a pair of new size 20 linen pants I got from the Avenue! Ugh, I can’t wait to stop shopping in big girl stores, but I am thrilled that I can walk out with pants at least. There were a few visits in the past where I couldn’t find ANYTHING that fit. No size 26, size 28. It was awful. Now if something doesn’t fit, I don’t get so upset because I am trying on 20-22. I refuse to buy any 24 because that is not my size anymore :)

Ok, so why so long with those pesky five pounds? Well for one thing, I haven’t been blogging. There was a graduation and family visiting which legitimately took me away from blogging, but then I just went on a mental vacation. It was necessary. When I am not blogging and PAYING ATTENTION to everything that goes in my mouth, more goes in my mouth. A binge may not be a trip through McD’s drive-thru or a visit to the local Country Donut shop, but a “binge” is a binge.

For a while it was LaraBars (curses to sweet Tracy M. who introduced them to me! ;). These things are horribly addictive and I suggest you refrain from keeping them in your home. I saw the ingredients of my favorite bar, Cashew Cookie – cashews, dates – and thought, “Oh, I can eat that!” Yes, I can, technically. But I have quickly realized that I should not. They are binge-worthy. So, they are no longer in my house but they actually are a great option if you are stuck on the road and just have to have SOMETHING. Most major grocery stores seem to have them.

Then it was just extra of everything. If one bowl of veggie chili is good, two must be great right? For some reason, the more you eat, the more you want to eat. That is just how it is. Your body gets really good at whatever it is that you are doing the most. Lately, my body is getting really good at bread, rice, and pasta. All 100% whole grain and “healthy” but still they slow the weight loss for me anyway. I keep saying I “need to cut, back to E2L 6 week plan, etc. etc.” but it hasn’t happened yet.

So can I really call taking too long to lose five pounds a plateau when I know I wasn’t eating what I should have been eating (for MY body) to lose weight a bit faster? Probably not. In fact, calling it a plateau factors out any choices I personally made to put certain foods in my mouth and instead blames a sluggish loss on the mysterious. Are there plateaus that are legitimate? Yes, definitely, and I have seen those too. But not this one.

I did reach one other milestone though yesterday. I decided at about 7:00 last night that I was going for a walk. This was a small accomplishment as I ended up walking 2 miles. Yes, it was harder than I thought it would be. Yes, I felt generally ill the whole time because it was still hot outside. But also, yes, I did it. Little celebrations. ~Amanda Rae

PS – Thank you to Carmen and Mom for getting my butt back on my blog!




  1. Hi Amanda,

    I keep thinking of you and wonder how you are doing?
    I SO miss hearing from you here – no matter what, we ARE on our way and we WILL get there!!!

    Hope all is well.

    Cheers, Carmen

  2. Ditto everything Carmen said! You’ve got this!

  3. Wow – GREAT to see you back and hear about your absolutly AWESOME progress!!! I actually felt the whole time I was reading this blog “O no, don’t be so hard on yourself!!!” You are doing SO great, ESPECIALLY considering what has been going on in your life lately. Those are MAJOR put-on-weight-times for me. A lot of extra stress, a lot of out-of-the-ordinary things going on … Changing life habits is SO hard, and SO HUGE. And you are doing it – while you are finishing up your PhD – WOW. I really take off my hat … Have you read “The Gabriel Method”? I think that is one of the BEST addition to ETL, because it tackles what I miss in ETL: the mind-body connection, which is SO powerful!!! I just read something wonderful in this regard:

    “We know now that our health and our weight is as much about what happens between our ears as it is about what happens between our lips. Our thoughts, our consciousness and our energy shapes us and determines our weight at least as much as our diet and our exercise choices. When we finally add these important factors into the equation then we can really start making progress and utilizing all our faculties in arriving at our perfect weight.”
    (YinYoga, Shift Movement)

    So I believe there are times to do the six-week-plan, because you can lose weight wonderfully and feel great doing it – but there are also other times, and THEY ARE OK, as long as your mind is ok :) The awareness you have gained of what/how you eat and when it is too much of great food but still the wrong food for losing weight – THAT is already WONDERFUL. And the changes you HAVE implemented into your life already in such a short and stressful time – again, all I can say: WOW. Keep wowing yourself, lol – otherwise I will have to keep doing it myself here on your wonderfu site 😉

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