Update! I Can Hardly Believe It


Good news! I am now down 55 pounds total to 268.4. Yay! More than that, I had two meals today that I did not want to  finish. What?!?! Who changed the great Earth to planet CrazyTown because this is definitely crazy.

Ok so I have been working to reduce my whole grains but this week and last week are just NOT the weeks for it. I took my final qualifying exam for my PhD last Thursday and this week I am heading into finals. So there are a lot of what I call “The 3 Ps” – projects, papers, and presentations.

There are also some positive things going on but as you all know, even good stress can make you wonky every now and again. So, with that said, my two meals I could not finish today both contained whole grains/starch. Still losing, but not as quickly as I would like. Like Dr. Joel Fuhrman says, the grains work against you when it comes to weight loss. I definitely found that to be true but happy that I am still losing. So, a few more days not thinking too much about whole grains, but then I really need to completely commit to the 6 week plan again. Flexibility…it is necessary sometimes.

So breakfast was mushrooms, onions, tofu, brown rice, spinach, and fresh salsa. All mixed together and tasted just like a Genghis bowl (favorite restaurant in my town). Then lunch was leftover corn chowder.  I ended up eating half of the breakfast and saving the rest for tomorrow’s breakfast. Lunch I basically made myself eat only because I knew I had class from 6:00-9:00 at night and would not get a chance to eat again until much later.

But this sensation, of putting BACK a portion of food I had full intentions of eating, this is a completely new experience. Forcing myself to eat so I would not get hungry later? Unheard of – especially at the end of a semester! Normally I would be zipping from drive-thru to drive-thru to get enough energy to get through it all. Today’s experiences…these are the little moments that assure me that I am on the right track. ~Amanda Rae


  1. Amanda – that sounds like WAY TO GO, GIRL 😉 I’m with you all the way – especially when it comes to the being flexible part!!! It’s not only what we choose is going into our body – it’s also what life throws at us and simply what we CAN do right now. We cannot do more than our best – and that is always GOOD ENOUGH :) To me it sounds you really are doing an excellent job in your stressful situation. Respect!!! And you also do the best for your body to get your mind FIT for all those finals coming up. Nutrient rich whole foods – YAY 😉 They ARE life changing. Loved reading this post of yours – as so many others also :) Thanks for sharing!

    Cheers, Carmen

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