Whole Foods Salad Bar – Dinner on the Run


A little something I picked up for dinner one night at the Whole Foods salad bar. I looked for options that had the “health starts here” label. These were plant-based and nutrient dense foods.

Whole Foods provides all of the ingredients on each dish which is great because there were a few I had to pass on due to oils. I try to swerve away from all oils right now, even the “healthy” ones like olive, sunflower, etc.

This meal was great though. Fresh, lots of flavor, bursts of cilantro and mint, colorful and very satisfying! It is also fun to eat at Whole Foods – everyone around you is eating healthy and shopping for unique foods.

I love to look in people’s carts there! So refreshing to not see Dorito’s, Coke, and fattening chips everywhere.

However, you DO still have to read labels at Whole Foods. Not everything is necessarily healthy for you. Still try to avoid processed foods like some of the soy, meat alternative items. But, if you just HAVE to have some bacon…do what you gotta do.

I also buy meats for my “man friend” there. I only select meats with a 5 rating. So far he has gotten about a half pound of ground beef and a few sausage patties. I don’t buy too much because I really don’t even like having it in the refrigerator anymore.

One of the best reasons for shopping at Whole Foods in that it gets you in the right frame of mind for healthy eating. My store has a health coach who is there to answer any questions you have.

She taught me how to make date syrup! (Place a bunch of dates in a bowl with some water overnight and wala – date syrup!)

Have a snack, grab some good reading, spend some time really reading the labels. Take photos with your phone of things you want to try or do more research on. You really can make a whole afternoon out of it.

My Whole Foods is about 40 minutes away so I make it an event. Invite some friends, carpool, and share ideas on the way to and from. Listen to vegan or vegetarian podcasts on the way. Maybe you will be listening to one of mine soon! -Amanda Rae

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